When it comes to aircrafts and space vehicles, it is important that only the best possible materials are used in their creation. Because airplanes and space vehicles withstand a large amount of pressure and stress, it stands to reason that the materials they are made out of would need to do the same. From the sheet metal used to create aerospace structures to the fasteners used to hold it all together, it is important to make sure all materials meet the high standards of the aerospace industry. This ensures safe vehicles made of high quality materials. So, even though fasteners may be small, in order to work in the aerospace industry, they must be of exceptional quality. 

What Are Fasteners?

Fasteners fall into several basic categories, like screws, bolts, rivets and nuts. Essentially, fasteners are used in any case where a material needs to be attached or fastened to another.  Bolts are typically used when strength is required, whereas screws are used in situations where strength is not needed. 

What are Aerospace Fasteners?

Aerospace Fasteners are fasteners that are used in aircraft and space vehicles. In the aerospace industry, a variety of fasteners are used to ensure the aircraft or space vehicle meets certain standards of excellence and safety.

Aerospace Fastener Standards 

When constructing an aircraft or space vehicle, it is important to make sure that all parts meet the highest standards of safety. This ensures that all vehicles in the aerospace industry comply with the same standards and are safe to use. Aerospace fastener standards can be traced back to the military during World War II. During that time period, a large number of planes were constructed, and quality control was established to ensure they were ready and safe to fly. 

Because of the standards that started during World War II, we now have the National Aerospace standards that indicate what parts are acceptable to use in aircrafts and space vehicles. If you’re trying to reach the level that the National Aerospace standards are putting forth, then your aerospace fasteners must be high-strength, corrosion-resistant, and made from high-performance materials.

Trusted Aerospace Fasteners

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