The goods and products manufactured in one country rarely stay there. With robust international trade in the 21st century, you encounter foreign-made products daily, even hourly, and products your company manufactures likely travel beyond our borders. This global trade is excellent for our economy and daily life but can pose challenges when something breaks or works incorrectly. Take, for example, a foreign vehicle. If the washers and other fasteners used in the mechanical components of a foreign vehicle do not meet US standards, it is difficult for maintenance technicians and automotive experts to repair the vehicle. This can be costly and frustrating for customers and workers.


Fortunately, international organizations work across borders to standardize everything from the manufacturing process to fasteners. International organizations contribute to better products by standardizing fastener specifications and ensuring interoperability. International organizations foster collaboration and set benchmarks, contributing to the efficiency, safety and reliability of fasteners. Ultimately, internationally recognized standards benefit industries from construction to automotive and promote global harmonization in the fastener market. In this article, the experts at Global Certified Fasteners explore four ways international organizations help create better fasteners.


How International Organizations Create Better Fasteners


Developing standards: International organizations actively create and maintain comprehensive standards for fasteners. By standardizing fasteners, international organizations provide a universally accepted framework for manufacturing and using fasteners. Additionally, these standards ensure the compatibility, interchangeability and quality of fasteners. That makes it easier for manufacturers and consumers to replace or report broken or damaged fasteners, even in a different country from where the product was made. Necessary international fastener standards include:

  • Specifications
  • Dimensions
  • Materials
  • Testing methods


Collaborating with industry experts: Ensuring standards are relevant and practical is crucial. To do so, international organizations collaborate closely with industry experts, manufacturers and other stakeholders. Expert collaborations involve gathering input from professionals with diverse perspectives, expertise and practical knowledge in the fastener industry. This approach ensures standards are developed in an agreed-upon, democratic way that considers everyone’s best interests.


Reviewing and updating annually: Fastener technologies and industry requirements evolve over time. International organizations are vital in periodically reviewing and updating fastener standards to ensure they remain current, reflecting state-of-the-art fastener manufacturing and application practices. Reviews ensure that fasteners:

  • Align with technological advancements
  • Reflect changes and updates in materials
  • Meet emerging industry needs, especially in the medical field


Prompting global adoption of standards: Standards don’t do much without universal buy-in. Without all countries supporting and adhering to stringent standards, there’s very little standardization. That’s where international organizations shine. International organizations promote the adoption of standardized practices globally. Because international organizations have access to various industries and communities, they facilitate communication and cooperation between countries and regions, creating a shared understanding of fastener specifications. Global alignment enhances the interchangeability of fasteners, supporting international trade and overall industry efficiency.


Meet International Standards With the Best Fasteners At GCF

When you choose fasteners from Global Certified Fasteners, you can feel confident that you’re getting high-quality products that meet national standards. Check out the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to learn more about industry standards. These organizations are international leaders in standardizing products, pieces and materials to ensure safety and reliability. Contact the GCF experts today for help choosing the best fasteners for your project.