Global Sourcing

  • Global Certified Fasteners has over 50 years extensive experience sourcing fasteners and components in countries including, but not limited to Taiwan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Mexico and the USA.
  • Critical items can be duel sourced both domestic and import to avoid interruption of supply and maintain a low risk supply situation.
  • Technical assistance and design engineering are available to provide the customer with high quality low cost fasteners and components from prototype stage to production, providing “Value Added Fastener Solutions”
  • GCF will source your requirements to the supplier most capable of providing quality and on time delivery.
  • GCF suppliers are ISO, QS, or TS certified with the ability to provide all levels of PPAP’s when required. We are continuously inspecting our suppliers after they have been audited thoroughly to insure quality and on time delivery the first time.
  • GCF‘s industry experience has allowed us to forge “One of A Kind” relationships with our manufacturing partners who have the reputation for excellent quality and on time delivery along with being innovative in the market place.