Screw and Bolts – What’s the Difference?


Bolts and screws are both pretty standard fasteners within many different industries. They’re both used as building fasteners to help position components and hold them together. While they may look similar, they both have their own unique uses and applications. The fundamental difference between bolts and screws lies in how they are used.

What are Screws?

 Picture of screws with a white background

Screws are externally threaded fasteners. They can be inserted into a pre-made holes or can also be inserted through the material. Screws are used to hold different objects together as they push or pull on them. The screw’s ridges allow a screwdriver or other tool to drive the screw into the material in a circular motion.

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What are Bolts?


Bolt and nut with a white background


A bolt is a type of threaded hardware fastener that is typically used to assemble two or more unthreaded components. They are designed to be placed through already drilled holes and require a nut to tighten it from the other end. They come in many configurations for various applications. A bolt is similar to a screw in appearance but does not have the sharp tip that screws generally have. In typical applications, the bolt is pushed through the drilled hole of the material and a nut is placed at the end to screw the bolt through.

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This is a very simplified version of the difference between these two fasteners. There are a variety of different types of bolts and screws, and each has their own unique features and applications. As a result, knowing about the pros and cons of the many different screws and bolts is important for any project to be a successful one.