Your business prioritizes quality. The products you create, buildings you construct and materials you manufacture are incredibly valuable. You strive for the highest-quality workmanship, from the finished product to the smallest part used. Understandably, you want the highest-quality fasteners when manufacturing your products, too. But when choosing the best fastener supplier for your project or product, you might wonder how to get affordable materials. That’s where direct-from-manufacturer shipping comes in.


Direct-from-manufacturer shipping is a streamlined, cost-saving supply chain strategy. This strategy provides many expense-reducing benefits by increasing efficiency and getting products to customers directly from manufacturers. At Global Certified Fasteners, we pride ourselves on manufacturing industry-leading fasteners of all shapes, sizes, uses and materials. Because we manufacture our fasteners, we can offer direct shipping – cutting out the intermediary. So, how does our direct-from-manufacturer shipping save your business money? We explore the benefits of this strategy below. 

5 Ways Direct-From-Manufacturer Shipping Saves You Money

  1. Get the benefits of bulk shipping discounts: Wholesalers, distributors, retailers and resellers often sell small quantities of manufactured goods at higher rates to turn a profit. When you purchase directly from the manufacturer, we can offer discounts on bulk orders that secondary companies can’t. You can even get wholesale prices when purchasing right from GCF
  2. Save money from reduced storage and handling costs: When you purchase from a secondary company rather than a manufacturer, there are often hidden fees in the price of your order. Those fees include storage and handling costs, among others. These fees result from the many touchpoints in an indirect supply chain. Alternately, when you buy directly from GCF, there are fewer handling costs. Additionally, less travel and changing hands decrease the risk of damaged products. 
  3. Get your products faster with direct delivery: Direct shipping is more efficient by cutting out secondary distribution centers and tertiary distributors and retailers. That means large quantities of fasteners get to you much faster and over more direct routes. Consolidating orders and shipping directly to buyers helps us cut back on costs, which means financial advantages for your business, too! 
  4. Gain more customer satisfaction: Your business creates products for your customers – but when you purchase goods from the GCF center, you are a customer, too! Your satisfaction is essential. Having convenient, reliable access to a GCF representative ensures your peace of mind and timely deliveries. That’s something you aren’t guaranteed with third-party distributors and retailers. 
  5. Benefit from streamlined logistics: Direct shipping allows GCF more inventory control, which means more inventory control and reliability for your business, too. We can respond faster to changing inventory levels and demand than third-party sellers. Additionally, you don’t have to coordinate shipments from multiple distribution centers when you bulk order items from our manufacturing center. That gives you more time and energy to focus on your own order fulfillment, product quality and customer satisfaction!

Save Time and Money with GCF’s Direct Shipping

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and cost-savings. Fortunately, with GCF’s 50+ years as a trusted fastener manufacturer, you don’t have to. Our quality standards and recognition from the Mid-West Fastener Association ensure you get the best quality materials on the market. And our streamlined, direct-from-manufacturer shipping saves you money and time! Check out our products and services today, and contact us to start working with our professional team.