Rivets – Blind Rivets, Pop Rivets, Solid Rivets

Global Certified Fasteners will provide a top quality rivet for any application. Rivets are available in various dimensions, diameters, finishes and materials. All specials are manufactured to print to ensure quality. The standards are all subject to complete inspection and are fully traceable with certification available. Blind rivets, semi-tubular rivets, full tubular rivets, split rivets, solid rivets, mate rivets, threaded inserts, drive rivets, specials rivets, and custom cold headed parts are available. Blind rivets are available with large or small flanges.

Description Specifications
General Rivet Types Blind Rivets
Custom Cold Headed Parts
Drive Rivets
Full-Tubular Rivets
Mate Rivets
Semi-Tubular Rivets
Solid Rivets
Special Rivets
Split Rivets
Threaded Inserts
Blind Rivets Options Avex
Closed end
Easy entry
High strength
Large flange
Large secondary head
Multi grip
No flange
Open end
Small flange
Speed fasting
Ultra grip
Semi-tubular and full-tubular Rivets Options Brake lining
Disk brake lining
Flat head
Oval head
Truss head
Split Rivet Options Countersunk
Oval head
Solid Rivet Options 100% countersunk
78% countersunk
90% countersunk
Aluminum round head
Brazier head
Flat nail head
Modified brazier head
Pan head
Round head
Universal head
Threaded Insert Types Flush nut
Full hex rivet nut
half hex rivet nut
Jack nut
Open end rivet nut
Pull up stud
Seid-clinching hardware
Square Sert
Thin nut
Well nut
Drive Rivet Options Brazier head
Countersunk head
Universal head
Special Rivet and Custom Cold Headed Part Types Blinder post & screw
Clevis pin
Collar rivet
Drive screw
Shoulder rivet
Staking stud
Stand-off clinch nut
Weld stud