Casters – Rigid Casters, Swivel Casters

Global Certified Fasteners will provide standard and special casters made to order for industrial, institutional, commercial, food service, health care and many other special applications and industries. Also, for use with our caster, Global Certified Fasteners sells quality replacement wheels, top plates, axle bolts and locking nuts, along with any special top plate design or unique stem system, quality hinges, engineered stampings and tubular parts.

Description Specifications
Types of Casters Air Cargo Casters
Ball Bearing Casters
Brake Casters
Caster Parts
Caster Wheels
Chair Casters
Dolly Casters
Double Lock Casters
Food service Equipment
Furniture Casters
Heavy Duty Casters
Industrial Casters
Light Duty Casters
Material Handling Casters
Office Chair Casters
Plastic Casters
Pneumatic Wheel Casters
Polyurethane Tread Casters
Rigid Casters
Rubber Wheel Casters
Shock Absorbing Casters
Slid Rubber Wheels
Stainless Steel Casters
Stem Casters
Swivel Casters
Urethane Wheels
Wheel Casters
Wheel Types Hard Plastic Wheels
Polyurethane Wheels
Rubber Wheels
Urethane Wheels
Wheel Sizes 1/2 inch to 15 inches
Caster Parts Mount plate with custom wheels with your imprint
Plastic Sockets
Steel Sockets