Automatic Screw Machine Parts and Cold Headed Specials

Automatic Screw Machine Parts: Global Certified Fasteners offers a full range of turned and milled products. We serve both large and small OEMs. GCF will supply special parts manufactured to print, in both long and short runs. We can also offer a complete inspection and full traceability with lot control and certifications.

Global Certified Fasteners offers all diameters from 0.031 to 6 inches and lengths of up to 28 inches long. Our machine capabilities include but are not limited to: Brown and Sharpe, Acme, Davenport, Swiss and CNC Swiss. GCF can provide all secondary operations which include grinding of ID and OD dimensions, broaching (both internal and external), tapping, slotting, drilling and thread rolling.

Global Certified Fasteners will apply any plating or coating to a customer’s specification in both long and short runs. GCF will provides any material, such as Steel, Alloy Steel, Brass, Aluminum, any Stainless, and some plastics. Our quality assurance is second to none and includes Mil-i-4528, ISO9002, certified parts to any PPAP level, TS and QS certifications.

Cold Headed Special: GCF‘s range for Cold Headed specials is unlimited. Our strength lies within #0 to 3 inch diameter parts with lengths of up to 12 inches. We also can provide Metric products from M3 to M25 diameters, and up to 250mm long. Our primary and secondary capabilities include thread rolling, slotting (both shank and end), trimming, broaching and drilling. Our material range includes Steel. Alloy Steel, any Stainless, Brass and Aluminum.

Automatic Screw Machine Parts Diameter Range 0.031" to 6"
Automatic Screw Machine Parts Maximum Length Up to 28"
Automatic Screw Machine Equipment Acme
Brown and Sharpe
CNC Swiss
Cold Headed Diameter Range #0 to 3" (standard)
M3 to M25 (Metric)
Cold Headed Maximim Length Up to 12" (standard)
Up to 250mm (Metric)
Materials Available Alloy Steel
Any Stainless
Some Plastics
Secondary Operations Drilling
End Slotting
External Broaching
Grinding (ID)
Grinding (OD)
Internal Broaching
Shank Slotting
Thread Rolling