When constructing equipment for marine industry applications, the kind of metal you use is incredibly important. There is little room for error in the assembly and fastening of marine structures because of how dangerous it would be in case a malfunction were to occur. Things like erosion, depth pressures, humidity, and leakage are very common concerns that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the kind of fastener you’d like to use for your project.

What Kind Of Stainless Is Right For You?

Water is not normally the healthiest environment for metal to reside because things like rusting and bleeding can occur. Of course, in the case of marine industry applications, it may be necessary. Our goal at GCF is to help you choose a type of metal fastener that will hold up well in the water and fit your needs.

In a freshwater environment, we suggest that you use a 304/302 stainless fastener. They are composed of a blend of nickel and chromium. When they are properly cared for, no rusting or bleeding will occur.

In a mixture of saltwater and freshwater, a 316 stainless fastener is the perfect choice. It has an added component of molybdenum which enhances the corrosion resistance a little bit better than the 304/302 stainless. The extra bit of protection against corrosion is necessary because of the potent chemical makeup of saltwater.

For a very harsh saltwater only environment, a chrome plated steel is the best choice. Bodies of water as corrosive as an ocean can be so harmful to metal. Because of that, the fasteners on saltwater boats and structures need to be able to withstand the typical conditions. Chrome plated fasteners totally encapsulate a screw. They’re also more pleasing to look at than any other kind of marine-type fastener.

Marine-Type Fasteners From GCF

Global Certified Fasteners is here to assist our customers in choosing the safest and most practical kinds of metal fasteners to use in the construction of marine structures. For more information regarding our marine fastener supply, contact us by calling 708.450.9301 or fill out our online form. Our technicians would be happy to assist you!