Popular Types of Rivets

Three rivets laying on a table

Rivets are one of the most common types of fasteners and are incredibly important in manufacturing industries. There are many types of rivets, and each has its own set of benefits and are generally selected for particular purposes. The following are just a few of the many types of rivets that we offer at Global Certified Fasteners.


Blind rivets are extremely popular for their quick and easy use in projects. They feature a mandrel that is drawn into the rivet, expanding the blind end. Once the fastener has been driven into the its proper location, the mandrel is snapped off at the blind end. As a result, they are ideal for uses in which the joint can be accessed from only one side.


Semi-tubular rivets are excellent fastener options to join work pieces together quickly and inexpensively. They feature an indentation (or hole) at the end opposite to the factory head, which requires less force. They are most popular when it comes to mass production applications.


Solid rivets are considered the classic rivet type. They date back to the Bronze Age and are widely considered to be the most tamper proof and vibration resistant fasteners on the market today. Solid rivets are so common because they are durable, have a flexible design and are highly resilient.


Split rivets are a type of self-piercing fastener that are typically used for piercing through softer materials. This can include anything from leather, plastic, textiles, and even most woods. These fasteners are pre-split along the length of their shaft, which forms two legs. When they are joined together, the legs fold back to hold the joined materials together.


Drive rivets are most popular for applications such as installing wooden panels or attached name plates. Typically, they are used for any purpose in which the hole does not penetrate the entire sheet, panel or block. These fasteners aren’t as secure as other options but can give a more aesthetic effect since they don’t go all the way through the material being fastened.

Global Certified Fasteners will provide a top-quality rivet for any application. Our rivets are available in various dimensions, diameters, finishes and materials. Our fastener standards are all subject to complete inspection and are fully traceable with certification available. Contact us today at (708) 450-9301 or check out our website at www.gcfasteners.com.