What Are Casters?

Casters from GCF's product assortment

Several components make up your average caster. This includes the wheel, rig, bearing, mounting plate (to name a few). The components of a caster all come in different types and sizes. As a result, you can get pretty much any type of caster that you may need, with a huge amount of component customization options. Different types of component options work well together depending on what your specific needs are.

Selecting a Caster

Since there’s so many different options available when choosing a caster, it can sometimes be tough to know exactly which one you need. There are a few questions that you should keep in mind when choosing a caster, including:

Where will you be using the caster?

Floors are key when choosing a caster. Do you work somewhere that’s especially hot, cold, dirty, or clean? Are the casters going to be used on a smooth or rough surface? You need to think about the exact conditions before selecting a caster. For example, steel wheels are very durable and are great for smooth surfaces. However, they can damage sensitive floors.

What’s your application?

What will you be installing your casters on? How much weight will they need to bear? Will the casters need to swivel, or will they be fixed? These are just some of the applications you will need to think about when choosing the type and size of your wheel.

How will you be mounting the casters?

Will you need a plate or stem mounting? While a plate mount is the most durable method, there are times when it can’t be used. If you are using another mounting method, there are other things you need to think about before making your selection. By understanding what mounting features you need, you can better decide the best option for your particular application.

What wheels do you need?

The first thing you must think about is the wheel diameter and tread width that you’re looking for. There’s also wheel size to consider. Do you need the caster to provide easy rolling? Then you might consider a larger wheel that can cover more distance in one revolution than a smaller wheel could. Easy swiveling? This would be a smaller wheel that can change direction quickly.

Looking for Casters?

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