Knowing Your Lock Nuts

Lock nuts, sometimes referred to as stiff nuts, are a special type of nut that don’t loosen when exposed to vibrations. Unlike traditional nuts, which have a basic threaded hole, lock nuts have a unique design that allows them to withstand vibrations. Before lock nuts were invented in the 1930s, companies would simply use two nuts in applications where vibrations occurred, doubling manufacturing costs. The invention of lock nuts provided a more cost-effective solution, reducing […]

Continued Growth Expected for Global Fastener Market

The global automotive fastener market is projected to grow from an estimated USD 21.45 billion to USD 25.30 billion by 2025. Growing vehicle production, shifting focus toward lightweight vehicles, and the increasing use of electronics in vehicles, are all helping to drive the demand for fasteners. The Semi-permanent automotive fastener is the upcoming trend in the automotive industry. It is estimated to be the fastest growing segment of the automotive fastener market. Semi-permanent fasteners can […]

New Tariffs and the Fastener Industry

How New Tariffs Could Affect the Fastener Industry On March 18, 2018 the United States Department of Commerce announced tariffs on steel and aluminum, at 25 and 10 percent respectively.   While tariffs may sound good to US-based steel and aluminum companies (a tax on imports makes the domestic equivalent relatively cheaper), it could be a challenge for the much bigger sector of the US economy that buys those metals to use in the goods […]