Saving Money on Freight Costs: Our Direct Shipping Approach

Your business prioritizes quality. The products you create, buildings you construct and materials you manufacture are incredibly valuable. You strive for the highest-quality workmanship, from the finished product to the smallest part used. Understandably, you want the highest-quality fasteners when manufacturing your products, too. But when choosing the best fastener supplier for your project or product, you might wonder how to get affordable materials. That’s where direct-from-manufacturer shipping comes in.   Direct-from-manufacturer shipping is a […]

Fasteners in Medical Devices: Expert Standards for Patient Safety

Fasteners are crucial to daily life. From the bolts that strengthen buildings and bridges to the washers in your car, fasteners make our modern world possible. They play a vital role in manufacturing, technology and more. And they are increasingly vital to medical devices and technology.   Medical devices range in size from nearly microscopic to as large as rooms. Consider insulin pumps, which deliver subcutaneous insulin to people with diabetes. Small screws hold these […]

Fasteners for Electronics: Considerations for Secure and Reliable Connections

Whether it’s a handheld device or a complex industrial machine, the stability and longevity of electronics depend on the quality of their connections. One key factor in achieving secure connections is the proper selection and application of fasteners. Fasteners ensure that electronic devices function optimally, withstand environmental stresses and maintain long-term reliability. In this article, the experts at Global Certified Fasteners explore key considerations for selecting the best fasteners for your electronics.   5 Things […]

COO Michael Petrie

10 Minutes With Michael Petrie, Our COO

Global Certified Fasteners, located in Maywood, Illinois, has been providing value-added fastener solutions to OEMs and distributors for more than 50 years. Join us as we get to know Michael Petrie, Global Certified’s Chief Operating Officer.  How did you end up in this industry? Detail your path to Global Certified Fasteners, what you do here, and how long you’ve been with GCF. Like most, I was searching for a career that not only fit but […]

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What You Should Know About Coarse vs. Fine Threads

  When it comes to fasteners, threads are key. Threads determine how well fastener components (like nuts, bolts and screws) hold materials and machines together, and maintain their integrity over time. The two main types of threads are coarse and fine, and while both types have their advantages and appropriate uses, coarse threads typically win in our book. Read on to learn the basics of these two types of threads and when you might consider […]