The Incredibly Important Role of Fasteners In Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is vital in enhancing performance and ensuring safety during physical activities. Athletes rely on their gear to provide comfort, protection and freedom of movement. Unfortunately, because of repeated trauma and wear and tear, many fasteners in sports equipment may become faulty or break over time. Faulty fasteners pose a serious risk for athletes.   When fasteners are worn out, damaged or not properly secured, they compromise the stability and functionality of the gear. […]

Streamline Your Supply Chain with Global Certified Fasteners’ Inventory Management Services

Global Certified Fasteners (GCF) is a company that specializes in providing fasteners to customers across the globe. In addition to their wide selection of fasteners, GCF also offers inventory management services to help their customers streamline their supply chain and reduce on-hand inventory. In this blog, we will explore the various ways that GCF can help businesses manage their inventory more efficiently. One of the primary benefits of working with GCF is their ability to […]

A History: Why Global Sourcing Was Quick to Explode

We live in a global economy. Different countries and regions manufacture different products and sell them at different prices. That means a company may purchase aluminum from one country and electronic chips from another. This purchasing strategy is called global sourcing. Global sourcing is the process of buying raw materials and products from across the globe rather than from nearby or within the same country. Ultimately, global sourcing saves money and time. So how did […]

Choosing a Non-Magnetic Fastener

Non-Magnetic Materials and Their Uses Titanium Titanium is solid and durable metal. Because of its strength and non-magnetic qualities, titanium is the preferred material for fasteners in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. In addition, titanium is frequently used on equipment that enters the MRI area, including gurneys, stretchers and surgery tools. Aluminum Aluminum is a ceramic. In addition to being non-magnetic, aluminum is extremely lightweight. Therefore, aluminum is ideal for projects and builds in which […]

COO Michael Petrie

10 Minutes With Michael Petrie, Our COO

Global Certified Fasteners, located in Maywood, Illinois, has been providing value-added fastener solutions to OEMs and distributors for more than 50 years. Join us as we get to know Michael Petrie, Global Certified’s Chief Operating Officer.  How did you end up in this industry? Detail your path to Global Certified Fasteners, what you do here, and how long you’ve been with GCF. Like most, I was searching for a career that not only fit but […]