Saving Money on Freight Costs: Our Direct Shipping Approach

Your business prioritizes quality. The products you create, buildings you construct and materials you manufacture are incredibly valuable. You strive for the highest-quality workmanship, from the finished product to the smallest part used. Understandably, you want the highest-quality fasteners when manufacturing your products, too. But when choosing the best fastener supplier for your project or product, you might wonder how to get affordable materials. That’s where direct-from-manufacturer shipping comes in.   Direct-from-manufacturer shipping is a […]

Extreme Environments: How They Challenge Fasteners

Fasteners are critical in countless industries and applications. As such, they are often used in extreme environments and must withstand harsh conditions. When fasteners are used in extreme environments, they must meet regulations on ductility, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance and more to ensure they work correctly.   When selecting fasteners for extreme environments, carefully assess the environmental challenges and choose materials and designs accordingly. Here are seven considerations when choosing fasteners for extreme environments.   […]

The Best Solar Panel Mounting Systems: A Fastener Perspective

Solar panels are increasingly popular in the U.S. as homeowners, business owners and more look for renewable energy sources. Solar panels convert energy from sunlight into usable electricity to power homes, businesses and electric vehicles. These converters of a renewable energy source – sunlight – are crucial as industries and individuals seek cleaner energy. Fortunately, there are many ways to mount solar panels that fit a variety of environments and spaces. However, choosing the best […]

The Expert Role of International Organizations in Fastener Standardization

The goods and products manufactured in one country rarely stay there. With robust international trade in the 21st century, you encounter foreign-made products daily, even hourly, and products your company manufactures likely travel beyond our borders. This global trade is excellent for our economy and daily life but can pose challenges when something breaks or works incorrectly. Take, for example, a foreign vehicle. If the washers and other fasteners used in the mechanical components of […]

Fasteners in Medical Devices: Expert Standards for Patient Safety

Fasteners are crucial to daily life. From the bolts that strengthen buildings and bridges to the washers in your car, fasteners make our modern world possible. They play a vital role in manufacturing, technology and more. And they are increasingly vital to medical devices and technology.   Medical devices range in size from nearly microscopic to as large as rooms. Consider insulin pumps, which deliver subcutaneous insulin to people with diabetes. Small screws hold these […]