Extreme Environments: How They Challenge Fasteners

Fasteners are critical in countless industries and applications. As such, they are often used in extreme environments and must withstand harsh conditions. When fasteners are used in extreme environments, they must meet regulations on ductility, vibration resistance, corrosion resistance and more to ensure they work correctly.   When selecting fasteners for extreme environments, carefully assess the environmental challenges and choose materials and designs accordingly. Here are seven considerations when choosing fasteners for extreme environments.   […]

Everything You Need to Know About Wheels and Casters

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. With so many wheels and casters, Global Certified Fasteners has something for everyone. But knowing whether you need a wheel or caster – and what type of caster you need – can be challenging. So here is everything you need to know about caster wheels!   Wheels are simple machines. A wheel is an object that rolls when moved. You see wheels on cars, bikes and even your […]

Choosing the Right Caster

What Are Casters? Several components make up your average caster. This includes the wheel, rig, bearing, mounting plate (to name a few). The components of a caster all come in different types and sizes. As a result, you can get pretty much any type of caster that you may need, with a huge amount of component customization options. Different types of component options work well together depending on what your specific needs are. Selecting a […]