Benefits of Solid Rivets

Solid rivets are some of the oldest and most common type of fasteners out there. There’s even evidence that they were used as far back as the Bronze Age. The reason they’re so prevalent is due to the many advantages that comes with using them. So, what makes them so beneficial? We came up with a few of the advantages and explained them below.

Ease of Use

Solid rivets do not require any expertise or special equipment to install. Anyone with the knowledge and ability to use a hammer or hydraulic tool (properly) can install one. This helps to keep production rates high and keep costs down.

Quality Control

During the installation process, the joint in a solid rivet need to be accessed from both sides. This requires two people to be part of the installation. With two people making sure the rivet was installed correctly, the quality control process should be ensured. As a result, manufacturers have the guarantee that the rivet is tamper proof.


Solid rivets are made with a high resistance to corrosion because of the materials they’re made with. This includes metals such as stainless steel and titanium. Since solid rivets themselves are durable and long-lasting, this also improves the durability of the item being fastened.


Solid rivets are typically very low-cost products, especially when bought in bulk. This low-cost, in addition to their efficiency, makes them a great alternative to other fasteners and adhesive joints. They are also very lightweight, which significantly lowers the cost of transport.


The metals that are used to create solid rivets are strong. This means that rivets generally are able to retain their structure during installations. They are also pretty long-lasting fasteners and don’t need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

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