Fastener Testing and Certification: Proven Benefits You Can’t Miss

Fasteners are essential in countless industries and applications, from aerospace and automotive to construction and manufacturing. Although they are typically small parts, fasteners make your projects, products and business possible. Ensuring fasteners are reliable and safe is crucial. Strong, well-tested fasteners can prevent catastrophic failures and ensure safety and performance. This demand for reliability is where fastener testing and certification processes come into play. 9 Reasons to Get Fastener Testing and Certification Fastener testing is […]

Fastener Material 101: What’s Right for Your Project?

When choosing a fastener for your project or product, there are countless factors to consider. First, what type of fastener do you need? The possibilities are endless. Bolts and nuts join two or more parts by threading the bolt through the nut, whereas screws have helical threads and fasten materials by threading into a pre-drilled hole or creating their own threads. Rivets are permanent fasteners used to join materials, particularly in aircraft and structural applications, […]

Fasteners for Electronics: Considerations for Secure and Reliable Connections

Whether it’s a handheld device or a complex industrial machine, the stability and longevity of electronics depend on the quality of their connections. One key factor in achieving secure connections is the proper selection and application of fasteners. Fasteners ensure that electronic devices function optimally, withstand environmental stresses and maintain long-term reliability. In this article, the experts at Global Certified Fasteners explore key considerations for selecting the best fasteners for your electronics.   5 Things […]

The Incredibly Important Role of Fasteners In Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is vital in enhancing performance and ensuring safety during physical activities. Athletes rely on their gear to provide comfort, protection and freedom of movement. Unfortunately, because of repeated trauma and wear and tear, many fasteners in sports equipment may become faulty or break over time. Faulty fasteners pose a serious risk for athletes.   When fasteners are worn out, damaged or not properly secured, they compromise the stability and functionality of the gear. […]

The Role of Fasteners in the Aerospace Industry: Special Requirements and Standards

When it comes to aircrafts and space vehicles, it is important that only the best possible materials are used in their creation. Because airplanes and space vehicles withstand a large amount of pressure and stress, it stands to reason that the materials they are made out of would need to do the same. From the sheet metal used to create aerospace structures to the fasteners used to hold it all together, it is important to […]